Monday, March 25, 2013

GF Birthday Cake

This last year for my birthday, I decided to make myself a GF Birthday Cake....Some people found it weird that I would make my own birthday cake, but this I wanted to do it myself and experiment while I was at it.

I ended up making a black and white layered cake, with a reduced mixed berry filling, a ganache filling, and topped with fresh whipped cream, dark chocolate, and fresh blackberries. It was SO yummy, if I do say so myself! Almost everyone who tried it was absolutely in love with it, and it is something I must remake at some point. I only wish I took pictures during the process to share those. Anyways, here are the pictures below:

Monday, March 11, 2013

German Chocolate Cake and an Update

I know, I know....this post is long overdue!....The holidays and the new year and school just kept piling on (like it always does) that I had to take a blogging break. SO....

Now that that is over and this is the beginning of a new, I have decided to be a little bit more intentional and proactive about keeping up the blog and posting my latest creations. So, that said, I will be posting on every FRIDAY morning a new blog post to start off with, and see where that goes. As time progresses, I might add on an additional post on Mondays, so you will just have to come back and check. 

Anyways, lets get to the cake. I made this cake for a special Christmas party I attended which makes this cake extra special....because, well, I didn't make it GF or Vegan like I usually do. However, this cake can easily be made gluten-free by simply replacing the flour with a GF blend. 
So, here it is:  

I adapted the recipe from David Lebovitz who is amazing chef...Follow the link for the recipe! 

This cake turned out amazing, except I added cocoa powder to the flour mixture to make it more chcolately....there can never be enough chocolate in a chocolate cake! Also, if you're going to try it, do set aside about 2ish hours, it is a little time consuming...but totally worth it! Enjoy.