Saturday, September 10, 2011

Plantain Pine Nut

I've got to tell you the story behind these babies. 2 of my downtown Portland friends Nate and Nate give me odd suggestions to include in my baking of cupcakes....So this is what they gave me on their list:
Ox Tail 
Pine Nuts 

Ox tail is a no-no, at least for now...and quince are not in season yet, so I put my brunette head together and came up with a plantain pine nut. Flavors are great. Plantains are a lot more starchy than bananas and provide a sensationally unique flavor, and the pine nuts pair it quite nicely. 
Plantain in the cake and icing, topped with pine nuts and that is a plantain chip on top :) Mmm. 

These were made as mini cupcakes. Best eaten in one big bite. 

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